Διακριτικός τίτλος: FOREST PARK - ΤΟ ΔΑΣΟΣ
Διεύθυνση: ΚΡΥΟΠΗΓΗ
ΤΚ: 63077
Τηλέφωνο: 2374023771, 2374023772
Φαξ: 2374025302
Κινητό: 6947481408
Δραστηριότητα: ΞΕΝΟΔΟΧΕΙΟ
Ημερομηνία τελευταίας τροποποίησης 17/11/2022

Hotel Forest Park is located on cape of the Kassandra at the Halkidiki peninsula which is not only one of the cleanest resorts in Greece, but also in Europe, for what it  has repeatedly been awarded by Blue flags of Federation of ecological education (FEE).

The small, cosy territory of hotel Forest Park is surrounded by a pine grove, and behind the road you will find a sandy beach washed by gentle waves of Aegean sea.

In 80 km from hotel Forest Park - airport "Macedonia" in Thessaloniki. The developed infrastructure of peninsula is combined with bewitching beauty of the nature: aromas eucalyptus, pine and olive groves, envelop velvet beaches, and fantastic rocks, grow directly from transparent blueness the seas.

Except all Halkidiki is famous for the richest history: great philosopher Aristotle was born here, here is the sacred mountain Athos - one of the main esteemed places of orthodox people all over the world, the Meteor – the well-known complex of the monasteries which have settled down at tops of steep rocks, ruins of the Temple of Zeus, a cave of Petralon and many other sights of a world cultural heritage.

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